Use the human voice


“I’m halfway through finally reading Giles Turnbull’s Agile comms handbook and I really would recommend it to anyone trying to communicate… anything. It’s hilarious, validating and useful. Very useful.” - Lil Patuck

“This week I had the pleasure of working with Giles Turnbull again, as he led a session for our team about how we could do agile comms. For a topic like this, Giles is the person you want facilitating that discussion. He literally wrote the book on it. It’s been the highlight of my week.” - John Peart

“I can highly recommend working with Giles. If you’re considering, don’t hesitate - he is excellent at his craft and a pleasure to work with.” - Abi Freeman

“Giles is fantastic and I would highly recommend his training courses - all teams benefit from open and transparent communications. I learnt a lot from my work with Giles and I am sure your teams would too.” – David Espley

“There have only been a few times in my career when I’ve worked with someone who has changed the way I thought about something - in this case, how to articulate complicated things in simpler teams - so fundamentally.” – Matt Bonetti

“If you need words and/or someone to steer the creation of words, hire Giles soonest. He’s the best.” – Russell Davies

“The great thing about Giles is that he has lasting impact. I still see echoes of Giles in good @gdsteam behaviours years after he left, and the people he worked with have taken those lessons with them even after they moved on as well. A genuinely transformative person.” – Simon Everest

“Giles does words, ideas, teams, culture ++” – Rod McClaren

“Hiring Giles is a good investment, as both I and the I’m A Scientist team would attest.” – Shane McCracken

“Giles is a genius with words, making complicated stuff easy to understand.” – Tom Loosemore

“If you need someone who writes like a dream and who is both brilliant and a complete joy to work with: hire Giles immediately.” – Janet Hughes

“Hire Giles, you won’t regret it. Storyteller, creative leader, gentleman and scholar. He was an essential person in making GDS so famous.” – Tom Dolan

“If I ever get a dog, I’m calling him Giles Turnbull.” – Maggie Mason