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Helping organisations communicate more like humans do.

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I help to make sense of things

I’m Giles Turnbull. I help organisations communicate more like humans do - simply, clearly, creatively. I’m a writer, editor, trainer, consultant and coach.

I can help with:

  • simplifying and clarifying your message
  • advising on strategy and creative direction
  • building and coaching creative teams
  • teaching people and groups how to work in the open
  • presentation technique and confidence-building
  • writing and editing
  • making it all sound like something people would actually say

I’m always up for a chat about interesting new projects. I’d love to hear from you.


  • “I learnt a lot from Giles and I’m sure your teams would too.”
  • “Hire Giles soonest, he’s the best.”
  • “Giles is a genius with words.”
  • “Hire Giles, you won’t regret it.”
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