Use the human voice helps organisations communicate like humans do: clearly, briefly, creatively.


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Implementing agile comms

Writing, editing, presentations, video: I can help you and your team apply agile thinking to creative output. Useful for internal and external communication.

Content audit

A detailed breakdown of the content you’ve got right now, and a list of suggested changes and improvements. A good starting point.

Content design / content strategy advice

What state is your content in now? What research do you have, and what direction is it sending you in? I can work with your content team to work out what’s next.

Content prototyping

What could your content be like? How different could it be? Let’s quickly build a web prototype to explore some options.

1-to-1 writing or blogging coaching

Regular conversation to help you improve your writing and editing skills. Weekly or fortnightly 1-hour sessions to suit your calendar, for as many weeks as we need.

Creative communication brainstorming

Working with your team to shape new ideas for overcoming stubborn communication challenges.

Teaching, training and coaching

I’ll work with your team to help everyone feel more relaxed and more confident about working in the open, teaching a mix of theory, history and practical exercises.

I also run regular public training courses in association with Content Design London.

Walk it through

You, me, our walking boots and a day outdoors. Whatever your communication problems, let’s get outside and dig into them. Our goal for the day: clarity.