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Case study: I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here

I'm a scientist home page

Shane McCracken, creator of the globally successful I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here STEM engagement programme, got in touch to ask for some help with simplifying some web content.

The existing project website was text-heavy, and the core messages hard to take in. Content for different audiences, with very different needs - students, teachers, parents and funders - was jumbled up.

I'm a scientist teachers page

I worked with the IAS team to apply some content design thinking within certain constraints: a short timeframe to make the changes, limited human time to implement them, and a technical backend that could be changed, but only so much.

We focused on stripping away superfluous content, and making each page about one thing. We reduced the emphasis on “Zones” - useful for organising the activity, but not for organising web content. And we made many pages much more action-oriented, with simple summaries and clear calls-to-action.

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