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How teams remember

I was invited to give the opening keynote at Agile in the City Bristol and Bath in 2023, the first time the event was run in-person since the pandemic.

I grabbed the opportunity to speak about something that’s been churning in my head for some time. A topic that relates to agile comms, but goes off on new tangent and into new disciplines. The title was How teams remember.

There’s a good vibe at the AitC conference, very relaxed and friendly. It was a joy to be able to kick things off, and was delighted with the response I got afterwards: plenty of people coming up to me to share their ideas and suggestions about teams that do ‘good remembering’.

I’m increasingly convinced that there’s another book for me to write here. I’m keen to learn more, and find more examples of team remembering in action.

For now, I’ve written up what I said in my keynote and I’ll expand on it when I can.