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Blog post formats for teams

Screenshot of the blog post formats page

Over the last year or so, I’ve encountered several teams who felt empowered to work in the open, but lacked creative inspiration for doing it.

In one organisation, someone said to me: “The team have set up a blog, they’ve been told they can publish more or less what they like, but they don’t really have any ideas. They need a bit of creative spark, and the work they’re doing keeps them too busy for coming up with sparky ideas.”

In response, I’ve put together what I call “an internet pocket book” called Blog post formats for teams.

It’s a list of 20 format ideas that teams can use to get started, and of course iterate and improve over time, to better suit their circumstances and their readers’ needs.

There are 20 formats to start with - I shall add more as I think of them, or as people suggest them.