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Special project: Doing presentations

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When Russell Davies got a job at GDS, he said he was “there to make the PowerPoint better”. He succeeded.

GDS earned a reputation for brilliant, beautiful and very effective presentations, designed to communicate very specific messages to very specific audiences.

Those of us working in Russell’s team - myself included - learned a great deal about how to write, prepare and present presentations.

A year or so after I left government and set up Use the human voice, I met Russell for coffee and we discussed an idea to gather everything we’d learned together in one place. It aggregates things written by me, Russell, Ella Fitzsimmons and Matthew Sheret.

That’s Doing Presentations.

It won’t win any awards for design, but I hope it helps people faced with the prospect of writing and presenting, and no access to the sort of creative team expertise that existed at GDS.

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