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Local authority transport data guidance

Screenshot of the guidance as published on

Working with Jon Gibbins, Claire Williams and Atkins Global, I worked on this guidance for local authorities, published by the Department for Transport.

The work was part content strategy, part content design, part prototyping and part consulting. I worked with Claire to conduct some user research, then with Jon to build a couple of very quick content prototypes - one built in a Google Doc, then another iteration built with the GOV.UK Prototyping Kit.

Screenshot of one of the early prototypes

The published guidance is very specific and detailed, aimed at a very small audience of specialists working with transport data in local authorities. Our research showed early on that those specialists wanted lots of detail, case studies and practical step-by-step instructions on what they should, and should not do. It also showed that they would prefer the guidance to exist on the web, rather than in a static PDF document.