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Case study: Defra Future Farming programme

Blogging for the Future Farming programme

Returning to Defra once more (after my earlier stint at Defra Digital), I spent a year or so working with the Future Farming programme on a fascinating communication problem: building trust with the farming community, post-Brexit.

Visualising change for the Future Farming programme

Leaving the European Union means no more EU funds for farmers. The UK government made a commitment to replacing lost funding for farmers, but not necessarily in the same way and not necessarily for the same reasons.

Instead, the Future Farming programme would provide a 7-year transition period, and set up a variety of new funds and schemes for different farmers in different circumstances.

What’s more, the team (led by the wonderful Janet Hughes) set out from the start to build trust with the community, by working in the open, using co-design methods, and actively & visibly responding to feedback.

My office whiteboard after a Future Farming planning session

One of many slides created for the Future Farming programme

My work was mainly:

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