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Earlier this year, the wonderful Hinrich von Haaren asked me to help him with a new book, Content Transformation.

It’s the second publication from Content Design London and you can buy a copy from their website for £19.99.

The big difference between this book and the original Content Design is that this one is much more practical. During the editing process, we took stock of just how much of the book is made of todo lists, checklists, workshops designs and so on. That meant making sure that the text reflected the practical emphasis; we ended up adding some words near the beginning, to prepare and reassure the reader for what’s to come.

Hinrich, of course, is an accomplished writer so this was a slightly different editing experience. I spent less time changing words or adding new ones, and more time thinking about structure and looking for gaps. Needless to say, it was a quick and thoroughly enjoyable piece of work.