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Special project: Blogging for teams

A screenshot of one of the pages on Blogging for teams

Blogging for teams is a mini one-page website I made so that I could have something to point at, every time someone asks me “What are some good tips for teams that want to start working in the open by using a blog?”

Yes, that’s the sort of question I do get asked quite often.

Because I’m me, it’s one of those mini one-page websites that I’ve hacked together myself, out of raw HTML, but by re-using a brilliant John Doe template created by Gregory Cadars.

Hopefully it looks as good on your computer or phone as it looks on mine, but I shan’t make any promises.

If you think it’s got anything wrong, or if you think something vital is missing, I’ll be happy to do some edits. Just shout.

📮 giles (at)
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